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ECO Info for citizens

Inclusion of the public is of crucial importance for an effective response to climate change. It is important to inform citizens about the dangers and negative consequences of climate change as well as measures that can and should be taken to mitigate these consequences and reduce dangers. Positive impact on climate change cannot begin without a change in citizen behaviour, abandoning old habits and adopting new ones. Changing the value system, way of thinking and attitudes is the only way to prevent further negative impacts.

Through its activities, the City of Zagreb continues to work on the implementation of the proactive energy policy of the responsible city administration, raising the level of responsibility and awareness of its employees and citizens in the process of combating global warming and climate change, showing that it has a clear global vision of the City of Zagreb as an energy-efficient, green city.

Informing citizens and the public about the activities we carry out is an important factor in promoting energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, environmental protection and the fight against climate change. For more efficient collaboration and faster access to information, we have designed the official website of the Office - (Energy Climate Environment), EE Infogalleries and EE info showcases where citizens can get more detailed information on energy efficiency measures at home.